Complex maxillary mollar anatomy CBCT aided

Patient: 35 year-old male in good health at the time treatment(2017.09.17)

Chief Complaint: mild discomfort on tooth #27

Dental History: caries removal was done with pervious dentist and pulp exposed patient refferd to author for root canal treatment.

Significant Findings (#16): Clinical examination normal periodontal probing depths .Percussion(+) it seems in periapical radiograph tooth #27 has three roots.

 Pulp and Periradicular Diagnosis (#16): Chronic Periradicular Periodontitis (Tooth #16),necrosis pulp

Treatment Prognosis: good(#27)

Treatment Plan: Nonsurgical endodontic treatment


Key learning points


1.Withiout CBCT and microscope it is impossible to perform some treatment


2.Modified strategic extended access is important to find canals


3.Cleaning groov is essential part of final phase of treatment

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Mid-mesial canal in first mandibular molar

Mid-mesial canal in first mandibular molar

کانال mid-mesial از اهمیت بالایی در دندان های مولر مندیبل برخوردار است. ریشه مزیال دندان های مولر مندیبل همیشه باید از نظر وجود این کانال بررسی شود.



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